Nail services

We use a new nail file, buffer and callus removal pad each time and they are disposed after each treatment. All other tools are autoclaved.

In our high end organic nail care system we use: Sugar Scrubs, Creams, Masques, Spa Ritual Organic Products which are all free of DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin.

In addition we also use cuticle softener, callus removal, lacquer remover, cocktail cuticle oil, Natural True-Bond system for longer lasting wear. Our Organic – Odor-free primer (clears nail bed of surface residue to create an optimal foundation of nail lacquer adhesion, extending the life of your manicure, producing nutrition to the nail beds). Our nail care is started and finished off with a base coat and top coat along with our organic - water base lacquer by SpaRitual and Vegan lacquer by CND & VinyLUX . Each treatment starts with an Custom Organic Therapy Soak.

Detox Manicure


This manicure uses organic sugar scrubs to exfoliate and renew your hands and arms. We then apply an organic detoxifying masque treatment warmed with an herbal mitten wrap to ensure that your stress is melted away. We finish with a soothing massage using an organic massage cream and then complete with a warm towel. 

Shellac Manicure


Shellac manicure includes shape and cuticle cutting. We are using our ORGANIC cuticle softener. After that, SHELLAC color applies, and finish with ORGANIC lotion for hands massage.  

Activated Charcoal Manicure


Not only will this manicure flush out toxins it will also insure you look your best. Activated charcoal has many benefits including anti-aging! 

Hot Oil Hydrating Manicure


Includes all the services of the Aromatic manicure. In addition we use an exfoliating sugar scrub and we sink your hands into the most luxurious heat they have ever felt. Your hands are surrounded in your own personal paraffin-filled glove (not from a communal bath), locking in the skin’s natural moisture. This antioxidant infusion fights cellular aging and makes hands look and feel younger with a unique blend of green and white tea, grape seed and berry extracts. Your hands are then warmed with the herbal mitten wrap for intensive moisturizing. We finish with a soothing massage using an organic massage crème completed with a warm towel.

Hot Basalt Rock Manicure


This relaxing hand treatment softens and hydrates the skin; including all exfoliation, shaping and cuticle care. Then sink into an organic nourishing masque warmed with the herbal mitten wrap. Locking in the skin’s natural moisture and relaxing tired muscles and joints. This treatment is complete with a deep, soothing hot lava Stone massage for your hands. Finish with Organic massage cream and warm towel.

Libation Beer Ritual Manicure


Our new signature manicure is perfect for a long day. Soak your hands into a warm draft beer bowl topped with fresh lemon. While we take care of you one hand, use the other to sip on a tasty local beer and let your worries slip away! Our custom organic scrub and draft beer nourishing masque is followed by a massage with our in house signature cream. If that wasn't enough, enjoy our custom 12 herb warm neck wrap to soothe you even further during this amazing manicure. 

Re-Store Manicure


Reach ultimate relaxation with our new Cryo cooling peel-off treatment, includes all features of detox hand with our special made seasonal organic sugar scrubs, a technique used to heal damaged tissue. Your hand are then heated with our signature herbal boots. We peel-off your mask to reveal bright and rejuvenated skin that looks and feel years younger. Next we massage with lava hot stone along with our signature massage creme. Finish with your choice of our lacquers.

The PERCEPTION Herbal Manicure


Invigorate and re-hydrate your deserving hands with this deluxe manicure. This manicure is for more than just for the hands; your mind, body and spirit will be rejuvenated! Tension, stress and fatigue will melt away as your hands are soaked in a hammered bowl filled with hot healing oils. Enjoy the herbal-infused sugar scrub with your choice of essential oils and herbal hibernation masque warmed with the herbal mitten wrap. A relaxing massage with a streamed special natural herbal therapy ball will give to you the best benefit of The PERCEPTION Herbal manicure. While enjoying all this, you will also be pampered with the relaxing, herbal neck or eye pad for the ultimate experience. This treatment helps to reduce hand inflammation and pain.

My Little Kid’s Hand - under 10


Clean and trim nails, gentle massage, polish.

Shellac/Gel Polish Change


Polish Change and Exfoliation


Polish Change for Hand (includes cut and shaping and an exfoliant scrub)

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Treatment Benefits


For detox, helps with blood circulation and clears away free radicals. Thus, helping your body's immune system to be stronger and decreasing your risk of cancer.

Hot Oil Hydrating (Antioxidant) Infusion
To soothe and moisturize the skin, rejuvenate open pores, increase circulation, and promote a sense of calm in mind of the body. The paraffin therapy reduces pain and stiffness around the joints by removing excess fluid from surrounding tissue while providing lubrication.

Natural Callus Orange Peel
This is a skin peel for your feet. The peel will soften hard calluses quickly, enabling us to scrape and file calluses away. Leaving clean and soft skin within 15 min.

Re-Stored Peel-Off MASK
Reach ultimate relaxation with our NEW Cryo-therapy Cooling Peel-Off treatment, a technique used to heal damaged tissue. The PEEL-Off mask to reveal bright and rejuvenated skin that looks and feels years younger..

Hot Basalt Rock
Give your hands or feet some extra pampering with this treatment, relaxing feet includes all De-Stress service and relief tired muscle and joints with a deep, soothing with hot Basalt Stone gently massage.


To purify, detox, stimulate, calm, sooth, relax, heal, hydrate, increase blood circulation, energize and warm with astringent properties and illuminating moisturizers. The tannins in the herbs provide a mild anesthetic that, with its warming effect, make it popular for arthritis and sore muscles.

Perception organic spa

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